Attention, awareness and respect

guidelines for all activities of our family business


to the impacts our actions may have on our physical and personal environment.


of the intrinsic perfection of creation and know, that we are nothing but merely temporary and humble guests.


all attempts to change for the new, while honoring the acquainted.

Natural farming

Our ancestors knew how to farm land and breed animals without industrial chemicals, why should we use them today?
KUKBURG focuses on going back to a more traditional way of agriculture where we work in harmony with nature.

Our offer

Scottish Highland beef, Skudde lamb meat & handmade products from our farm, french wines and cheese from handpicked small producers...

Events & catering

Relax from everyday's hazzle at family site close to Prague and enjoy your private event, weather in plain nature or in exclusive indoor facilities.
Or get spoiled at your home by our tailor-made catering services.
Interested in cooking? Our Masterchef will happily guide you through the culinary world at individual cooking courses.


Find a partner to assist you in developing your business and financing your projects? KUKBURG's expertise and experience wil properly guide you to a successful future.


Water is one of the key resources for natures' and mankinds' well-being.
KUKBURG is active in this area for more than 20 years, from developing a natural water source to special treatment facilities for drinking water.


Fluctuating oil prices, nuclear disasters, coal pollution, dominating energy giants
– this is today's reality!
Although still being involved in fossil energy projects, KUKBURG's long-term target is to support sustainable off-grid solutions based on renewable energies.

Find us

Vonoklasy, a little village in the natural reserve of Karlik Valley just outside of Prague, only 20 minutes from the center!

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